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Acrylic Yarn for Arm Knitting

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A super bulky unspun acrylic chunky yarn for use with giant needles, extreme knitting, arm knitting and creating massive stitches. Create fast projects with chunky yarn to make blankets, scarves and other home interior  items. Fantastic for super fast results, for example: a scarf can be arm knitted in 20 to 30 minutes a blanket in a few hours. 

Can be washed on a delicate cycle short spin, no tumble dry. Dry flat.

Sold per kg. If you order 2 x 1 kg you will receive a 2 kg ball. The biggest ball is 4 kg.


How much yarn do I need?

1 kg is approx 50 metres long.
1 stitch is approximately 2 inches (5 cm).

1kg will knit to approx ½ square metre. Although this may vary dependant on tension and needle size.

Blanket 30 x 50 inches — (75 cm x 125 cm ) approx 2 kg
Blanket 48 x 48 inches — (120 cm x 120 cm ) approx 3 kg
Blanket 58 x 58 inches — (148 cm x 148 cm ) approx 4 kg
Blanket 64 x 80 inches — (160 cm x 200 cm ) approx 6 kg


How to Work Out How Much You Need

Multiply each side together. Divide by 5000. Result is kg.

100 cm x 100 cm = 10000 sq cm / 5000 = 2 kg


Creating your own chunky knit blankets has never been easier with our 1Kg Baa Baa wool! With this affordable and soft ball, you can practise your arm knitting to create a cosy blanket for yourself or a loved one.

In no time at all, you could have a scarf, a blanket or even a little rug that you will just want to stand on for hours with no socks on. 

We have a variety of colours so pick your favourite colour of giant yarn today and start creating!