We will include Instructions to knit a blanket with each order.

Extra soft acrylic vegan arm knitting yarn, perfect for beginner and advanced arm knitters alike! 

We have a range of stunning and vibrant colours which will give you the opportunity to try your arm at some knitting!

1-2 day dispatch

1-2 day Irish delivery

Hand rolled

23 euro per kg, if you order 3 balls we will send yarn in a 3kg ball of wool unless specified other.


3kg of yarn will make a 130 x 130 cm blanket Extra soft acrylic arm knitting yarn If you want a 3 kg ball, please order 3 x 1 kg and we will send 1 x 3 kg ball. Unspun Perfect for all your arm knitting projects Not suited to felting


To calculate the amount of yarn needed multiply the length and width of the desired blanket in cm and divide by 5000 E.g 100cm x 100cm÷5000=2kg of yarn

Acrylic Yarn | Instructions Included