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We are delighted to be a Small Business Sunday Winner with thanks to Theo Paphitis. We have always been a huge fan of Theo on Dragons Den UK so we were over the moon to be announced as a winner!

Baa Baa Bandits


Jennifer Zamparelli

We were delighted to be on RTE 2FM chatting with Lottie Ryan on the Jennifer Zamparelli show 

27th March 2020

Thank you RTE Boost My Business!

RTE Boost My Business

As part of our Boost My Business initiative, Fiona Alston caught up with four craft and design businesses to see how they are faring on the countdown to Christmas.

Chloe Gardiner from Salthill, Co Galway is very busy running two businesses and, at the age of 17, she is doing so as she begins her Leaving Certificate year.

She's always been keen on crocheting and the soft toys her grandmother used to make gave her the idea of her first business Wonky Woolins.

At 15 she began to make her own soft toys to gift to others.

"I thought it'd be great to pass these on to other people," says Gardiner. "I made them, and people always told me I could sell them. I realised that I could make some money from it and it could actually become a business - that's when it all started."
















                                                                     Chloe Gardiner owner of Wonky Woolins and Baa Baa Bandits

Not satisfied with just the one business, four months ago she added another to her portfolio; Baa Baa Bandits, a vegan arm-knitting yarn suppliers.

It’s a much thicker yarn and, as the name suggests, instead of using any knitting needles you use your arms.

"It was hard to get off the ground initially because of Covid," she explains. "I couldn’t go to any craft fairs or exhibitions so I could only sell online and through social media.

"With Wonky Woolins, before Covid I would do craft fairs and exhibitions every week and I had great plans for the RDS this year but none of the events could happen due to Covid," she says. "I had to grow a social media following and that’s how I’m making all of my money now, with social media and the websites."

The next two months are going to be very busy for Gardiner as she balances school and her two enterprises, but it’s something she wants to make work.
















                                          Wonky Woolins Soft Toys

"It's hard balancing all the subjects and things like that but I do think I’ll work hard on that during the week and school will come before business," she explains, "and I’ll take a Saturday every week and work to get the stock back up.

"It’s getting to the stage now that I know that business is going to play a big role in my future but I’m under 18 so I can’t employ anyone," she continues. "I feel really conflicted at times between business which I love and school which I have to do but I know it will all pay off."

-Fiona Alston

Chloe Gardiner Baa Baa Bandits
The Wonky Woolins

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Chloe Gardiner Baa Baa Bandits
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