Frequently asked questions

How Much Yarn Do I Need to Knit a Blanket?

How much will I need? Multiply the length x width of your blanket in inches and divide by 380 or Multiply the length x width in cm and divide by 5000 e.g. 100 x 100cm = 10000 divided by 5000 = 2 kg of yarn

How much yarn do I need for a King/Queen Size Bed Throw?

50x80 inches - 11Ibs King/Queen Bed Throw 40x70 inches - 8Ibs Queen Size 62x74 inches - 13Ibs King size bed throw 40x60 inches- 7Ibs medium bed throw

What is the difference between Acrylic and Merino Yarn?

Acrylic yarn is a non animal based yarn. It is a cheaper alternative to Merino yarn but just as soft. Merino Yarn is wool from the merino sheep making it more of a luxury product, therefore it is more expensive and softer than our acrylic yarn

What is the difference between your yarns?

Our acrylic arm knitting yarn is a budget version of our Merino yarn. It feels and looks just like Merino yarn and perfcet for beginner knitters! Our Merino yarn is extra soft and a true luxury! Merino yarn keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Our acrylic and merino yarn will experince some shedding and will need a little extra care while our Tube and Chenille yarns will experience no shedding. Tube/ Squidgy yarn is cotton based tubing that is stuffed with polyster filling. It is heavier and more aerated than our acrylic and merino yarn. Our tube yarn is pet friendly, machine washable and will not shed like our acrylic and merino yarns. Ultimatly it requires less care than merino and acrylic yarn. Suited to every day use Our jumbo chenille yarns are also machine washable. It is vegan, 100% polyster, machine washable and suited to daily use. It is perfect for light and fluffy projects. Suitable for kids and beginner knitters.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders for yarn are processed within 1-2 days and delivery within Ireland and Northern Ireland will take 2-3 days Delivery times in Europe will take 3-5 days

How many sitches should I cast on?

Divide the length of your blanket in inches by 2.5 Medium size throw 40x60 inches - 16 stitches (40/2.5 = 16)

Do you wholesale?

Yes, we stock many shops and crafting workshops across the U.K and Ireland. For trade discounts contact baabaabandits@gmail.com


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