Welcome to the Baa Baa Bandits!

We are a vegan arm knitting yarn suppliers based in the West of Ireland supplying giant vegan yarns for all your super sized crafting needs.

The Bandits began due to my complete lack of patience and inability to learn how to knit with needles, it was one of the most frustrating things I had ever done. Holding the needles and the yarn was impossible and I lived in fear of dropping a stitch or pulling the yarn to tight. There was nothing sadder than spending hours meticulously knitting only to find out the jumper for my father had three sleeves and wouldn't even fit the cat. I was failing magnificently until I discovered arm knitting. The trend of chunky knits was taking the internet by storm, blankets were super quick to make and they looked incredible so I gathered what little crafting confidence I had left and purchased 3kg of arm knitting yarn. After 3 years of valiantly  fighting with knitting needles I had won the battle with the help of giant yarns and my arms. Within 40 minutes I had created an extra chunky knit blanket something that would have taken me 12 years to create with knitting needles.

A few years later the Baa Baa Bandits was born with the aim to help all crafters boost their confidence and create projects as big as sheep.

"If you already know how to knit using needles then learning how to knit with your arms will be simple. It's a similar process except that your arms stand in for the needles and every step is supersized! If your brand new to knitting a speedy arm-knit project is sure to boost your crafting confidence. "

Meet The Team


Edgar BaaBaa

Social Media Manager

Chloe Gardiner

Founder & Creative Director

Scout Thedog

Partner & Developer

Eddie Sheep

Senior Project Manager

Daphne Baa

Creative Manager


Anne Lynch

Account Manager